Writer/director: Daniel Bayle
Producer: Xenia Glen
Length: 90 minutes
Genre: neo-noir/road trip
Status: In development

"Forced into being a drug mule, Kal embarks on a surreal odyssey with his little brother Fin who is desperate to fulfil his sibling’s expectations."

Born into a world of prejudice offering little opportunity, it falls on teenage Kal to toughen up his little brother Fin. With Fin in tow, Kal and his friends steal and sell scrap metal and take part in Silvertown’s urban fox-hunting trade, however this ends abruptly when Kal is secretly blackmailed into trafficking drugs hidden in the Dorset countryside… Curious about Kal’s suspicious trip, Fin stows-away... Together the brothers embark on a surreal odyssey involving gypsies, carnivals and Marilyn Monroe lookalikes… After tasting freedom little Fin risks everything back home, taking drastic measures to free Kal from his life of crime, and finally “toughening up”.